Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera's Custody Battle Reaches a Whole New Level of Low

Kailyn Lowry

Oh my. Just when we thought Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera had this co-parenting thing all figured out, a bomb goes off and it's all's fair in ex-love and custody wars. Kailyn and Jo broke up shortly after their son Isaac was born, and there's been strife between them ever since.

The latest go-round involves Jo threatening to call the cops on Kailyn over his visitation rights with Isaac. The Teen Mom 2 tweeted a screenshot of a text Jo had sent her, along with the sentiment that he would not be seeing Isaac automatically just because he skipped his time with him the weekend before.


It seems as though Jo bailed on his visitation one weekend and just expected to make up the following one. He sent Kail a text that said, "I'll be at your house tomorrow with the police. If you are not there with my son on time like the custody order says. After that I don't care. You can suck a d**k, beat your husband, go eat another cheeseburger, or whatever the hell else you like to do on a Wednesday evening."

Whoa. Not cool, Jo. Also probably not cool for Kail to tweet it, which I'm sure she realized, as she quickly deleted it. But the Internet is forever, and a fan had already captured a screen-grab before she took it down.

Of course once things were blown open, the contentious co-parents continued their argument online.

"Just because you say it doesn't make it a fact ..." Jo tweeted, while Kail said, "it is fact. You missed it. Period."

When someone accused her of being a bitch for not letting Jo make up a missed weekend, she explained, "Under normal circumstances, I would. But attacking me and threatening me, no."

We have no idea what went down that caused Jo to miss his weekend with Isaac, but he is so out of line here. I can see why Kail posted that tweet in a moment of anger, because geez Louise, when you're dealing with someone with such a difficult personality, it's beyond easy to get riled up by them. Especially when they accuse you of being a fat, slutty, possibly cheating, husband beater.

Note to Jo -- work out your visitation schedule in advance next time.

Do you think Kail should've given Jo her weekend with Isaac if this is how he asked to switch?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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