Chelsea Houska's Ex Adam Lind Supposedly Has a Third Baby Mama

Chelsea Houska Aubree

Considering just how often he's in and out of jail, it's a wonder that he has any time for (ahem) recreational activities. But believe it or not, there are rumors swirling saying Chelsea Houska's ex Adam Lind got another girl pregnant, which means he might be a father of three in the very near future.

Oh, and did I mention that he's apparently not even in a relationship with this chick? Supposedly her name is Wendy, and she was nothing more than a "fling" to Mr. Lind.


A friend of Adam's told RadarOnline, "Wendy is now claiming that she is pregnant with Adam's kid. And Wendy's younger sister has been going around telling people that Wendy is carrying Adam's child."

And the best part is that since Adam is in the slammer, he might not even know that he's once again managed to prove that his boys can swim.

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OMG. Can you imagine how nuts Chelsea is going to go if this turns out to be true? I mean, it's bad enough that Aubree doesn't exactly have a role model dad. But if he keeps knocking girls up leaving Aubs with half-siblings all over the place, something tells me Chel isn't going to be too pleased.

But I guess if this does turn out to be true and Adam really is having another child, it begs one very puzzling question. Why in the heck do women keep sleeping with him? I get that some gals dig the whole "bad boy" thing, but come on. Shouldn't they know a little bit better by now than to get mixed up with a guy like this?


Do you think Adam got another woman pregnant?


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