Leah Calvert Rumored to Have Lost Custody of Her Girls

Leah Calvert and Ali

This news is so, SO unfathomable that, for now, let's go ahead and assume it's nothing more than a vicious rumor. Because if there is any shred of truth to a new In Touch report saying Leah Calvert has lost custody of her girls, it's just about the most devastating thing we've ever heard.

We've seen the custody drama play out between her and Corey Simms on this season of Teen Mom 2, but in last night's season finale, it seemed like they were headed on the right track as far as figuring out a way to co-parent successfully again goes.


Leah expressed her anguish over the thought of Corey taking Ali and Aleeah from her. He seemed to be willing to compromise, even considering taking a weekend job so he can spend more time with them without taking full custody.

But if that's the case and they managed to come to an agreement, what the heck are we supposed to make of the October 13 In Touch cover story?

Leah Calvert In Touch

OMG. There's no way this can be true, is there? I mean, can you honestly believe that a judge would take the twins away from their mother, who has loved and cared for them every step of the way?

The way this story makes it sound, Ali and Aleeah aren't even living with Leah anymore. But how can that possibly be the case?!?

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It's just so heartbreaking to think about Leah having her entire world completely shattered. Again, let's go ahead and call this a nasty rumor for the time being.

Hopefully Leah will set the record straight at some point in the near future and reassure her fans that her little girls are right at home with her where they belong. Contrary to what some may think of her, Leah strikes me as a loving and devoted mom whose children are her number one priority. Reality TV star or not, she deserves all the happiness in the world, with her girls by her side.

Do you believe Leah has lost custody of Ali and Aleeah?


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