Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray Are Reportedly Planning Their Divorce

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

Even though they're doing everything in their power to reassure people that they're the real deal, some folks just aren't willing to buy whatever it is they're selling. You guys? Would you believe there is a new rumor out there saying that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray will get married, but then will turn right around and get divorced, all for the sake of publicity?!?


According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the two of them have somehow figured out that they'll be quite the hot commodity if they not only get hitched, but ultimately split. And that's why they've come up with this elaborate plan to fool us all in the hopes of gaining an extra 15 minutes of fame.


I'm sorry, with all due respect to those who still aren't convinced that Andi and Josh truly want to be together for the right reasons, it's simply impossible to conceive of two people entering into a fake marriage, followed by a divorce, especially given the fact that they are not actors.

Sure, the "showmance" thing isn't totally unfathomable, being that they both did sign up for a reality TV show, but come on. Why on earth would they go so far as to get legal contracts involved if they didn't have genuine feelings for each other?

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Um, marriage is a big enough pain in the ass without the relationship being fake, so it's pretty difficult to believe that Andi and Josh would want to be tied down to each other if they aren't in love. And then throwing a divorce on top of a false marriage? Sheesh! Why would anyone want to torture themselves like that?

Based on the successful careers past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have gone on to have, something tells me staying in the spotlight won't be a huge issue for Andi or Josh, regardless of whether or not they stay together.

For now, there's really no reason to assume they're anything other than an engaged couple who is very much in love and excited to start a future together. (Let's give 'em a break already, ok?)

Do you honestly think Andi and Josh would marry and divorce for fame?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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