Jenelle Evans Slammed for Making 'Gross' Parenting Mistake With Kaiser (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have both been parents before, but when baby Kaiser came, it was the first opportunity for both of them to be full-time caregivers to an infant. And because of their checkered pasts, some people just can't wait to jump all over them for being craptastic parents this go around too.

Like the comments on this super sweet video of Nathan blowing raspberries on Kaiser's tummy. It's absolutely adorable and totally made my ovaries explode, but that's a topic for another day altogether. Because what's interesting about this video is the huge debate in the comments section about whether or not Kai's diaper needs to be changed.


For reals, yo. Take a look at the cuteness and see if the diaper is the first thing you notice or Kai's sweet little giggles.

Oh my gosh, is that little man growing up fast or what? I can't believe how chunky and adorable he is!

But of course not all the comments are very friendly, because Kaiser's diaper looks just a little full. "Change that baby damn diaper! Wtf???" someone so eloquently stated. Another charmer read, "Omg change the babies diaper!! Wtf you nasty bitch!" Sweetness!

Jenelle did have her defenders though, thankfully, who totally took the time to explain the subtleties of diaper changes for infants. Like this one -- "If you don't have children then you don't know what you're talking about! 1) it takes a lot of pee to fill a diaper 2) when you constantly change diapers you sometimes just want to wait till it's full before changing it for the third time in (what feels like) 20 minutes 3) with babies that young it can be difficult making them laugh and holding their attention like that so parents want to keep a baby laughing for as long as possible so changing a diaper can wait a minute or two!!"

But I have to say ... this comment sums up The Great Diaper Debate of 2014 perfectly -- "The diaper looks fine, morons."

Do you think Jenelle is neglecting Kaiser by not changing his diaper the second he wets it?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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