'Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoilers Include BIG Escape Hint

Walking Dead season 5 spoilers

There are only 12 days left until the Walking Dead season 5 premiere airs, so it seems like a good time to sift through the very latest hints and teases, doesn’t it? I’ve got a pretty good roundup today, which includes a quote from the show runner on whether or not those Terminus folks really are cannibals, a MAJOR clue about how the survivors will escape the boxcar, and a familiar “trusted partner” that we won’t be seeing anymore in the new season.

Want your Walking Dead viewing experience to remain pure as the driven snow? Read no farther, my spoiler-avoiding friend. Otherwise, let’s review some of the juicy tidbits released by the cast and crew in recent days.


Let’s start with the shocking loss of a beloved ally that has helped our intrepid crew escape difficult situations as they fought for survival in the zombie apocalypse: the green Hyundai Tucson. Yes, the vehicle which has always been kept amusingly clean despite the obvious lack of working car washes won’t be featured in the new season, due to the fact that everyone will be traveling on foot. According to Hyundai’s director of marketing communications,

While we had a great run with ‘The Walking Dead,’ the plot of the show changed and moved in such a way that the car ceased to have a role.

O tragedy! Let’s pour one out for the zombie mom van:

Apparently that Hyundai could never be used as a weapon to run down the undead or be shown breaking down thanks to contractual obligations with Hyundai, which must be why Lori’s absolutely RIDICULOUS car crash in season 2 happened with another vehicle.

On the are-they-or-aren’t-they cannibal question, showrunner Scott Gimple was asked point-blank whether the Terminus are a version of the Hunters from the comic storyline. Here’s how he answered:

It’s totally fair to go there. I probably would have gone there myself. But I would say, though there is stuff from the comics this season, there is also some stuff that is very much from the imagination of the writers, who include Robert Kirkman, that is not from the comics. It can be inspired by the comics, it can be totally different from the comics. Terminus simply wasn’t in the comics, and it’s its own thing. It might circle back to aspects of the comic, it might be more of a long road to other things in the comic.

Verrrrry cagey, Gimple. I’m sticking with my theory that they ARE cannibals, but there’s more to the story. Like maybe they’re carrying out medical experiments for whatever that facility is that’s holding Beth.

Last but not least, here’s a big hint from E! on how the survivors get out of the train car. When a fan asked, “I need to know this: How do they get out of the train car in Terminus in The Walking Dead? Just tell me that and I'll never ask for anything again,” Spoiler Chat responded,

Well, you'll be able to ask for something again because we can't tell you that. What we can tell you is this: Carol is so awesome in this episode.

Dude, I KNEW Carol was going to come in and kick some major Terminus ass. My guess is that she’ll camouflage herself with zombie guts in order to sneak in and maybe even lead a group of walkers to attack the community, creating a distraction so Rick and the gang can escape.

That’s all I’ve got for now, folks -- who’s excited about the premiere?

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