Outrageous 'Jeopardy' Category Has Women Rightfully Fuming (VIDEO)

What Women Want Jeopardy

If I were having coffee with some fellow moms and our conversation drifted to what we really wanted for Mother’s Day, I bet there would be a lot of laughter and interruptions as we started shouting out our goofy fantasies: “Shirtless Benedict Cumberbatch vacuuming the living room! Miracle yoga pants that make our butts look like two perky grapefruits bouncing on a trampoline! A weekend getaway to a sensory deprivation chamber filled with crème brûlée!” But would we want those admittedly stereotypical responses shared on a television program? No. Which is why I feel conflicted about the controversy that’s sprung up from a "What Woman Want" category that was featured on Monday's Jeopardy! program.

On the one hand, this is 2014, and women want things like gender equality, reproductive rights, and freedom from sexual harassment and violence. On the other hand ... well, we also want someone to unload the dishwasher every now and then.


I guess the question is, are Jeopardy! categories typically serious trivia questions that require a fair amount of knowledge about history, geography, current events, the arts, culture, social issues, and so on — or are they lighthearted bits of fluff meant to reflect popular opinions, sort of like Family Feud? I’m not much of a Jeopardy! expert, but my assumption is the show leans more towards the former, right?

Given the context, I can understand the backlash over Monday’s show. The “What Women Want” category apparently revealed that by and large, females long for well-fitting jeans, help with household chores, Pilates, and tea. Here’s a Today show clip covering the gaffe:

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Okay, I do love a pair of well-fitting jeans. And when my husband helps around the house without me having to nag him, I’m a happy camper. But I find Pilates deeply boring, and you can take your herbal tea and wedge it where the espresso bean don’t shine.

Regardless of whether these tone-deaf answers actually apply to me personally or not, I think I'm in agreement with Sophia Bush, who called the category “srsly stupid”:

I’m not one to leap at the chance to be outraged, and it’s true that our society has become a veritable minefield of sensitivities and potential offenses in recent years. But for this particular show, the category definitely feels like it was a spectacularly dumb decision. On the bright side (spoiler warning!), however, a woman won.

What’s your take on this category? Bad move, or fair play?

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