Juan Pablo's Music Video Sends a Clear Message to His Haters

Juan Pablo Galavis

Even though his season of The Bachelor is long over, people still can't resist hating on Juan Pablo Galavis, especially since seeing him appear on Couple's Therapy with Nikki Ferrell has reminded everyone how bad he is at the whole love thing.

(Seriously. Why is she still with him? Whatever.)

And needless to say, Juan Pablo's haters haven't exactly been shy about slamming him to pieces via social media. Now he's felt the need to post some sort of rebuttal to try and defend his character.


Or at least that's what we're making of his latest Instagram "music video" (that's how he referred to it), which clearly sends a very distinct message to those who don't exactly think he's a gem of a dude.

Yep. He's shakin' it off, you guys. People can bash him all they want, but guess what? Ees ok!

Even though the best way to show your haters you don't care about them is to ignore them altogether, Juan Pabs obviously isn't rattled in the slightest by folks calling him every derogatory term in the book, so he went and got his selfie video on to prove it.

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Oh come on, are you buying this? Please. Even though he's acting all macho like he isn't affected by the insulting things that are said about him, the fact that he put a video out there definitely leads us to believe the opposite is true. I mean, why would he feel the need to defend himself if he isn't offended/hurt/insert other term to make us feel sorry for him here?

Poor Juan Pabs. As hard as he tries, he's simply never going to be seen as the good guy.

Do you think Juan Pablo is hurt by what people say about him?


Image via juanpagalavis/Instagram

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