'Teen Mom 2' Season Finale Recap: Jenelle Evans' Huge Custody Decision for Jace

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We've reached the most bittersweet moment in reality television: the season finale of Teen Mom 2. While the show did get renewed for a whopping sixth season (OMG, yay!), it's time to bid adieu to the ladies for now. And lucky for us, they're not going out quietly.

Ever since she got pregnant with Kaiser, Jenelle Evans has been doing better and better. She's sober, more calm, and has begun to once again parent Jace. So it's finally time to have the much dreaded conversation with Barbara. Girl is eager to regain custody over her first son. Sadly, though, as we learned on tonight's episode, it won't be easy.


As we've seen throughout the season, Jenelle has managed to turn her life around. And she finally goes to Babs to discuss plans for Jace. Is Barbara going to let it go so easily? Naturally, she has a few requirements. One, they have to get a better home. Two, they need to find Jace a good school. And three, Nathan has to get his drinking under control.

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But then we learned one disturbing thing. When Barbara tearfully admitted that she didn't want to take custody away from Jenelle initially, Jace's mama revealed that she was "forced to sign over custody." Not only that, but she uttered this sentence: "I did drugs because I didn't have my son ... I was giving up."

So scary.

But while Barbara fears that by signing over custody, Jace will feel like he's been abandoned by his grandmother, she's willing to make the move. It looks like they're moving in the right direction.

After six weeks of waiting, vacations, and only video calls, Isaac finally returns home to Kailyn Lowry. But not without some drama first. Turns out, Jo cut Isaac's hair while he had custody and Kail was NOT happy. She even went as far as to say that "little white boys don't get their hair cut like that."

And Jo immediately called her out on the the racist comment. When they met up to chat about it, Kailyn promptly stormed out and refused to address the issue. Though she did accuse Jo of dressing Isaac "like a thug."

Ultimately, she did seem remorseful and said this to Javi: "I shouldn't have said it the way I said it, but I didn't mean it the way he took it." Both her children are Hispanic. She's married to Javi, who is also Hispanic. It's clear that the comment hurt her, and let's hope they all learned from the situation.

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Then, we went on to South Dakota and learned that Chelsea Houska's ex, Adam Lind, was once again in jail. Honestly, is there a single person out there who still gasps at that sentence? Didn't think so.

But Chelsea is completely moving on. She's gone speed dating. That's right. She meets up with several random men in Minnesota and chats them up. Sadly, none of them are winners, but that perfectly sets up her up to meet now-boo Cole.

Finally, there was Leah Calvert, who is still battling with ex-husband Corey Simms. Turns out, according to the lawyers, Leah could lose the children if she didn't take them to school or therapy appointments. But she's keeping up with them all. In fact, for Ali's latest visit, she even invited Corey's current wife to come. Miranda made her way to Ohio along with Leah, her mom, and the girls.

But when they returned, Corey dropped this truth bomb: he's willing to get a weekend job to be home during the week. That way, the girls could stay longer with him. Will it happen? We don't know. Let's hope there's more to this in season 6.

Do you think Jenelle will get custody over Jace?


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