Jenelle Evans Slams Rumors That She's Lost Custody of Baby Kaiser

Jenelle Evans

We've been obsessing so much over Jenelle Evans' custody battle with her mom Barbara for her 5-year-old son Jace that we completely forgot for a moment to wonder where her 3-month-old baby is living. Fans are questioning whether Jenelle has already lost custody of Kaiser.

The Teen Mom 2 star has taken quite a bit of heat for how often she seems to be without her infant. Whether she's sunning at the beach or working out at the gym with her boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith, this reality star seems pretty footloose and fancy free to do what she pleases without having to worry about her baby in tow.


Jenelle famously lost custody of her firstborn, Jace, to her mom, Barbara Evans. After appearing on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, the wayward teen refused to clean up her act and properly care for her child, so she signed over guardianship to her mom.

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No doubt about it, Jenelle has certainly cleaned her act up since then, but is it just that -- an act? Are she and Nate really parenting Kaiser all by themselves, or has another grandmother taken over the parenting duties like Barbara did for Jace?

Rumors have been flying around that this time it's Nathan Griffith's mom who has custody of Jenelle's infant. The reality star took to Twitter recently to slam that mistruth.

In another tweet to a fan, she explained, "Nathan's mom lives 5 mins from us so she watches Kai for an hour while we workout ... If they MUST kno lmao."

Phew! We were worried for a nanosecond that Jenelle was backsliding into her bad girl ways. It's good to know that she definitely seems to have grown up and is committed to motherhood this time around. Keep it up, Mama!

Are you worried that Jenelle hasn't really changed her ways?


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