'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Jim Marchese Is Just Plain Mean

jim marchese

Okay, wow. Sunday night's episode of RHONJ ... wow. I'm just going to cut to the chase here and say it: Jim Marchese? Worst. Ever. The gang was all having a grand ol' time in Florida before Jim and Amber got there, and, literally, within minutes of them arriving, everything went to sh*t -- and it was 100 percent Jim's fault. What is wrong with the man?! Why is he so ... angry? My god!


I can understand how Jim would be hurt/pissed/upset about how his relationship with his BFF for years basically has gone to crap, but dude seems like he's on a vengeance to take Bobby, and anyone in his path, down for no reason other than the sheer fact that he's not happy. I mean, your wife just found out she was cancer-free, dude. Sit back and enjoy a couple of cocktails in the warm breeze instead of walking into a vacation home, guns blazing, ready to start a fight with anyone and everyone.

Jim was on a mission during the episode. He was holding nothing back -- nothing at all. He brought up how Bobby has talked smack about his girlfriend Nicole Napolitano's family; how Bobby supposedly has another girl on the side of Nicole. Dude left no stone unturned -- and it all seemingly came out of nowhere.

I've gotta say, though, I was surprised -- and pleased -- to see how Amber handled the situation. Instead of siding with her husband simply because he's her husband, she spoke up about how he was in the wrong. Maybe she's not all that bad after all? Maybe she's just, like Dina Manzo said, married to a devil?

Of course, Bravo, in their never-ending quest to drag things out as long as they possibly can, ended the episode right when things were getting good. (My guess is we've got at least two more episodes of Florida left.) So, it looks like we'll see how things play out next week. My guess? It'll involve Jim spewing a bunch of hurtful venom to everyone to make himself feel good, then storming out. Yay, vacations?

What did you think of Jim's behavior?


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