Farrah Abraham Says Her Faith Led Her to the Strip Club

Farrah Abraham

Uhhhhhhh. She's definitely made some pretty insane comments in the past, but her latest delusional statement really takes the cake.

You guys? Farrah Abraham credits her faith for leading her straight into the strip club she's been working at in Texas, and she sounds pretty damn proud about it.

Yes, I'm serious. In a nutshell, she basically said God is guiding her when she's taking it all off and writhing around on stage and doing whatever else it is that strippers normally do.


Her exact words to The Christian Post were, "No matter where I am, whether it's in a gentlemen's club or church, I know my faith is what guides me."

Oh come on, honey, you're not fooling anyone with the "gentleman's club" bit. It's a strip joint. Period.

While it's all well and good that Farrah has a strong faith in God and relies on it to help her navigate the bizarre lifestyle she's chosen, something tells me the big man upstairs probably wouldn't recommend some of the ... career activities she's enjoyed over the past few years.

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But as you can probably imagine, Farrah has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why she thinks faith and stripping go hand in hand. She went on to say:

Many would look at what I do and feel as though there is a conflict. If you know what faith is, and you truly try to understand the examples of God in the Bible and learn and reflect on them, just know I didn't pick what I'm doing nor did I share the full details of how I got to be where I am, as you may judge in black and white from the outside. I let God lead my life and faith -- enough said.

Again, I think it's wonderful that she has such a strong belief in God. I really do. But I'm sorry, I just can't get behind the whole "... and you truly try to understand the examples of God in the Bible and learn and reflect on them" part of her statement, because somehow I think she missed the concept behind what following God's example actually means.

As Catelynn Lowell so eloquently put it when describing Farrah's choices in life, "You sold your vagina!"

'Nuff said.

Do you think Farrah's comment about faith is delusional?


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