Sean Lowe's Confession About 'The Bachelor' Is Totally Disappointing

Sean and Catherine Lowe

While watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, do you ever stop and think to yourself, Good grief! Where in the hell did ABC find these wacky people?

(You know, like the chick who stuffed her underwear into Matt Grant's pocket? OMG.)

Well, you're definitely not alone. And as it turns out, the leading men and women of the shows are likely pondering the same question. In a recent blog post, Sean Lowe admitted Bachelor contestants are crazy, and in the same few lines, he also let a dirty little secret about the series slip out.


He wrote:

Roughly half the girls are those the producers believe will actually be a good match for 'The Bachelor.' During the interview process, the producers ask pointed questions of the potential cast members, they try to match personalities. One of the surprising things that I learned while on the show is this: The producers really -- no, really! -- believe in true love.

The producers are also there to make a television show. After the good, solid matches are cast, the producers look for the type of people who make for entertaining television for Category Crazy.

And there you have it. Basically, the show is about as fake as fake gets, minus a few ladies/men who really do have every intention of trying to find true love on TV.

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Ugh. Isn't anything seen on reality TV actually real anymore? (Kidding. Sort of.)

I mean, I know producers have to put together episodes that are worth tuning in for week after week, but doesn't it kind of seem like the Bachelors and Bachelorettes are getting gypped if half their potential spouses are total nutcases?

Still, it's not like this realization will make us stop watching each new season or anything. Oh come on, even if the whole thing turned out to be nothing but a bunch of actors vying for a chance at fame, wouldn't you still be glued to the TV each week to get your guilty pleasure fix?

That's what I thought.

Are you surprised at how casting works on The Bachelor?


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