'Walking Dead's Bad Lip Reading Treatment Makes Carl a Rap Star (VIDEO)

Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading
If you enjoyed the Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading video that was released back in May of 2013, have I ever got some great news for you. The folks who turned that whole dramatic Governor battle from season 3 into a silly musical number have created a hilarious new parody of season 4.

For those who need a refresher on the Bad Lip Reading phenomenon, it's a YouTube channel created by an anonymous music/video producer who dubs nonsensical -- yet perfectly timed -- vocals over existing footage. Bad Lip Reading has famously spoofed Twilight, Hunger Games, the NFL, Game of Thrones, and more, but for us zombie fans, their Walking Dead series may be the best of all.

Wait until you see Daryl arguing with Beth about his turtle. His turtle named Anthony.


Here's the Walking Dead reimagined as a truly strange world where Daryl uninvites Beth to her birthday party, which was going to involve "shrimp dogs," Carl tells Hershel he has a creepy cat (Hershel: "Well who doesn't?"), Beth soulfully sings about being abused by Mr. Potato Head, Tyreese fights with Rick when Rick has the gall to change the subject from apples to dolphins, and ... oh, just watch:

Oh my god, Carl's weird pop song rap thing. You get a funeral if you don't wise up and call me ... Carl Poppa. Der der der der der!

I don't think this one's quite on par with their NFL clips, but it's good fun nonetheless. Something to tide us over as we wait out these last days until the season 5 premiere!

What was your favorite part of this video? I think I'm partial to Daryl and his dedication to Anthony. 

Image via YouTube

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