Jenelle Evans' Plan to Get Custody of Jace Comes to a Bittersweet End (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans & Jace

For the longest time, we've been wondering if Jenelle Evans would ever regain custody of Jace from her mom, Barbara, and after seeing what a transformation she's made over the past year? Um, some of us have been scratching our heads in disbelief over a.) how much of a responsible person she's become, and b.) the question of why she doesn't have Jace living with her full-time yet.

And in the past couple of Teen Mom 2 episodes, we learned that Jenelle's custody issues with Jace actually have nothing to do with her. She simply doesn't want to take him back from her mom until he's fully ready, which just goes to show that she truly does have her priorities straight.

But based on a new sneak peek of next week's episode, it looks like Babs and Jenelle have finally come to an agreement as to where Jace is going to live permanently.


Check out the clip to hear what they've worked out. (Warning: get the tissues ready. This one had me in tears. For reals.)


OMG!! Admit it. You cried too.

Can you believe in another few months, Jace will be living with Jenelle, Nathan, and baby Kaiser? This is definitely good news as far as Jenelle cleaning up her life goes, though I have to admit, the whole situation is so much more heartbreaking for Babs than we thought.

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Everyone has been so concerned with Jenelle's and Jace's feelings, but we never stopped to think how losing custody is going to affect Barbara, since she's basically been his mother for the first few years of his life.

The transition is definitely going to be bittersweet, but in the long run, Jace probably should be with his mother if she's straightened out her life and changed for the better. And even though Babs is going to have a tough time getting used to life without Jace, it's about time she took a bit of a break from the whole parenting thing, don't you think?

Are you happy for Jenelle? Do you think she should have custody of Jace?


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