Chelsea Houska's Daughter Suffers Serious Injury While in Dad's Care

Chelsea HouskaDid you watch Teen Mom 2 this week? We were shocked and horrified when Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree came home from spending time with her dad Adam Lind, and she had scrapped her knee?

Granted, kids have a tendency to get into things, and even the most vigilant parents can't always protect their babies from harm, but then we found out that she had been harmed while riding with Adam on his dirt bike -- without a helmet.


Oh, and did we mention that Adam has had his license revoked thanks to his multiple moving violations and DUIs? The dude's not even supposed to operating a motor vehicle of any kind. With the number of times Adam has been in and out of jail for this issue, he probably shouldn't even be allowed near a tricycle.

Anyway, Adam told Chelsea to calm down about it over text, because he's such a sweetheart and all, and it was obvious he didn't take his negligence or his daughter's safety seriously at all.

It turns out it was even worse than we thought. It wasn't just a skinned knee after all. Chels shared with her Twitter followers on Thursday that Aubree's real injury from the whole dirt-biking fiasco was a pretty serious burn on her ankle.

Aghhh! It's a good thing Chelsea is getting all of Adam's legal problems documented so she can petition for very limited, supervised visitation for him. I know she knows it might be harder on Aubree to see less of her dad, but when he's putting her life at risk, she doesn't have much of a choice.

Do you think Adam should have Aubree unsupervised?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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