Michelle Money Shares Video of 'Intimate' Date Night With Cody Sattler

Michelle Money & Cody Sattler

Well? Cody Sattler has been living in Utah for an entire week now, and it definitely looks like the move has done nothing but strengthen his relationship with Michelle Money.

Even though they were all sorts of hot and heavy by the end of Bachelor in Paradise, it can be tough to keep the fire alive when you're not chilling out on a beach in Mexico drinking margaritas in the sun without a care in the world.

But obviously settling into "normal" life has been a flawless transition for Michelle and Cody, especially based on this video she shared from their recent date night.


Aww. They went to Costco, you guys! Just like a couple of regular people who did not meet on a reality TV show!

I know, I know, the sexy factor of this particular evening can't even come close to the night they spent in the fantasy suite in Mexico, but honestly, this little outing is even more intimate, in a way.

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Duh. Going to Costco is totally a "married" thing to do on a random date night, so it's pretty cute that they're already acting like they've been together for years. And even though Michelle is already in amazing shape, it's adorable that Cody-Code is encouraging her to eat healthier, what with forgoing the Swedish Fish and instead indulging in ... kale and quinoa?

(Mmm. Sounds delish.)

Sigh. I just love these two. First comes Costco, then comes a fat piece of Neil Lane bling on her finger, right? (No pressure, Cody. Wink, wink.)

Do you think Michelle and Cody make a good couple?


Image via michellemoney/Instagram

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