'Below Deck' Recap: Amy Johnson Needs a Hug!

below deck

You would think with the uber-villain last season of Below Deck, mean-as-a-snake Adrienne, returning, I'd have nothing else to talk about. But no, that is not the case. Adrienne's return was predictable and awkward and awful. I refuse to say more about it. Instead, I want to talk about how unfair Kate, Kat, and basically everyone except Eddie and her brother were to Amy on tonight's episode. If I was there? I would have been team Amy! 

While on the beach with the sh*t-stirring charter members, Adrienne revealed that the real reason for Amy and Kat's friendship ending was quite salacious. Long, blow-job-filled story made short, Kat had sexy times with a guy Amy liked, and Amy caught them. Kat is naturally embarrassed about all of this. It was in her heavy-drinking past. That said, her guilt and shame shouldn't have made her the victim of the situation, which is what wound up happening. 


I can totally understand why Kat was hurt that people were gossiping. I can also understand why she was embarrassed and scuttled around telling everyone she could on deck what had happened. She wanted to control the narrative and get everyone on her side before they could judge her. I get it. But that doesn't make it less shitty of her for turning the whole thing against Amy.

See, Kat turned the story into this: Amy was pathetic for talking about the story. That's not fair, especially not after how she disrespected and effectively ended their friendship with her poor behavior. She could have totally saved face by taking this as an opportunity to apologize to Amy! Amy would have been gracious -- that's the sort of broad Amy is! Then they could have banned together against classless Adrienne, problem solved. Sadly, this didn't happen and now tensions are running higher than ever before. 

Do you think Amy's to blame at all?


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