'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: Michelle Duggar Totally Loses It Over Jill's Wedding Dress

michelle duggar

Today on 19 Kids & Counting, it was boys versus girls! While we're sure the dudes had fun camping and rock climbing, our hearts were definitely with Jill Duggar as she and her sisters went to Washington, DC, to try and find the perfect dress to celebrate Jill and Derick Dillard's special day. It was touching, emotional, and sweet to see the girls shop together. It was also hilarious to hear what Michelle Duggar had in mind for a wedding dress -- because it CERTAINLY wasn't what Jill was looking for!

You'd think Michelle would suggest something demure, right? But that's not the case. Michelle is the first to admit that her idea of a "perfect" wedding dress is still inspired by her childhood dreams. This meant HUGE dresses, with loads of sparkles and tulle and all that loud jazz! It was surprising to hear that this is how Michelle thinks a wedding dress should be -- I mean, to say the least. 


But what wasn't surprising? The fact that she knew her ideal wedding dress was so different from what her daughter had in mind -- and that was just fine! So many moms on these reality shows try to make their daughters into little replicas of themselves and use their weddings as an opportunity to get a second shot at their own special days. It perpetuates a terrible cycle, with no bride ever getting what she really wants when it's her turn to, in theory, get it!

I am continually bowled over by Michelle's natural genius at mothering. With grace and poise and a sense of humor to boot, she encouraged Jill to pick the dress that SHE loved most. You could tell just looking at Michelle's face that all that really mattered to her was her daughter's happiness, and by the end of that visit, Jill didn't just have a dress she adored, she felt surrounded by love! Gah, now I'm crying. I WANT TO BE A DUGGAR!

What was it like when you bought your wedding dress?


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