12 TV Shows With Ridiculously Bad Titles (PHOTOS)

CafeMom Contributors | Sep 23, 2014 TV


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than Cougar Town (love the show, hate the title), networks are busting out some seriously awful monikers for their new series.

From the mind-boggling to the meh and the just plain offensive, let’s take a look at the worst of the worst in TV titles past and present.

And, that’s right, we’re looking at you Black-ish.

Have you ever been offended by a TV show’s title? Which one of these do you think is the worst?

Image via ABC

Written by Kelly Kamenetzky for The Stir.

  • 'Selfie'


    Image via ABC

    It may have been Oxford’s Word of the Year in 2013, but now that it’s the name of a TV show, “selfie” has officially jumped the shark.

  • 'Trophy Wife'


    Image via ABC

    This was a truly sweet, funny show that couldn’t find its audience because the title was misleading and, since we’re being honest, awful.

  • 'Cougar Town'


    Image via TBS

    When a series is as smart and witty as Cougar Town, how’d they end up with such a lame title?

  • 'Blackish'


    Image via ABC

    This new ABC comedy starring Anthony Anderson could be hilarious ... if we could just get past the completely offensive title.

  • 'Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place'


    Image via ABC

    Which network exec thought this was a good idea? Not surprisingly the name was shortened to Two Guys and a Girl after the first season.

  • 'Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23'


    Image via ABC

    With a title like that, they may as well have called it Don’t Bother Watching This.

  • 'GCB'


    Image via ABC

    Based on the novel Good Christian Bitches, ABC decided they didn’t want to go there with the show’s title, so they played around with Good Christian Belles and then GCB -- both of which fell flat.

  • 'Pretty Wicked Moms'


    Image via Lifetime

    This Lifetime reality series wasn’t just pretty wicked, it was also pretty terrible (and this time we’re not just talking about the title).

  • 'How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)'


    Image via ABC

    This series was canceled faster than the time it takes you to say the title out loud.

  • 'Go On'


    Image via NBC

    Do you remember this post-Friends Matthew Perry comedy? It was about as exciting as the title would lead you to believe.

  • 'Dating Naked'


    Image via VH1

    Although let’s be honest, what else are you going to call a show that is literally about two people going on a date in the buff?

  • 'Killer Women'


    Image via ABC

    Killer Women is just wrong on so many levels and was canceled almost immediately after its premiere.


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