Jenelle Evans Shares Another Very Worrisome Photo of Baby Kaiser

Jenelle Evans

Another day, another photo share from Jenelle Evans, another chance for everyone jump on the judgey train and let her know just what a freaking terrible mother she is. Well, technically, this photo was posted by Jenelle's boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith, but it was presumably snapped and endorsed by the Teen Mom 2 star herself, and she re-tweeted it on her own account.


Nate tweeted a co-sleeping photo of him and baby Kaiser, but there are definitely some no-nos going on here. That being said, does this couple really deserve to be told they're basically the worst parents in the world and called some pretty nasty names?

Here's the adorable photo in question:

Yes, definitely like father, like son. And Kaiser is so dang cute! But let's talk about safe co-sleeping here for a minute.

Of course, this whole thing could be totally staged -- but why is the blanket almost over Kai's mouth? One of the most important things to remember with sleeping babies is to keep blankets away from them until they're much older -- regardless of where they're sleeping.

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Commenters were also quick to point out that both Nathan and Kaiser seem to have enjoyed their bottles. There's a baby bottle strewn in the covers, and on the bedside table, there appears to be a bottle of beer. It's blurry, and even if it is an empty beer bottle, there's no way to know when it was consumed. Hey, housekeeping is hard with a newborn around ... it could've been there from another time when Kai was sleeping in his own crib.

Studies have shown a link between consuming alcohol, co-sleeping, and SIDS, so we're hoping that Nate didn't enjoy a brewskie before snuggling with his newborn son under the covers.

Of course, this could just be a cute little staged photo, and Nathan and Jenelle are well aware of how to keeping their sleeping infant safe. But it just goes to show how little some people think of them that they would automatically jump to the worst possible conclusions.

Do you think baby Kaiser should be sleeping in his own bed?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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