Chelsea Houska's Relationship With New Boyfriend Takes a Serious Turn

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer

Can I get a show of hands as to who else is totally excited about Chelsea Houska's new boyfriend Cole DeBoer?!?

Man. Considering the challenges she's had with men in the past, it's about time she found a nice guy to treat her with the respect she deserves. And let's be honest, it doesn't exactly hurt matters that this dude is a total hottie, so Chel is probably feeling all sorts of butterflies right about now.

But even though they haven't been together very long, it sounds as though things between the two of them are heating up faster than we expected.


According to RadarOnline, Chelsea introduced Cole to Aubree, which must mean their relationship is already headed in a fairly serious direction.

I mean, it's no big secret that Aubs is Chel's number one priority, so I highly doubt she'd bring Cole into her life unless she plans on him being part of it for a while, right? If the two of them were just casually dating and she didn't see the relationship progressing, she probably wouldn't even bother to have him meet Aubree. (Seriously, what would be the point?)

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A source says that Cole is "the sweetest guy Chelsea has ever met" and adds, "They have a good time together."

Aww. Aren't you so thrilled for her? There's really no better feeling in the world than that new relationship warm fuzzy thing. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Chel and Cole only grow closer and more serious as time goes on. He sure sounds like a keeper!

Are you surprised at how quickly things are moving for Chelsea and Cole?


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