Jenelle Evans' Bragging About Baby Kaiser May Come Back to Bite Her

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans had better knock on wood -- and fast. The Teen Mom 2 star has had a much different mothering experience with Kaiser than she did with her firstborn Jace (i.e. she's actually parenting him instead of relying on her mom Barbara Evans to raise him) so maybe she isn't aware of the cardinal rule of parenting.

Never ever ever brag about  how much your baby sleeps at night. Jenelle tweeted to her fans on Sunday about Kaiser's sleep schedule, and apparently the two-month old gets enough shut eye to make any mom jealous.


You guys. That's eight to nine hours. In a row. That's the parenting dream. I mean, I haven't done any scientific studies or anything, but I'm pretty sure less than 0.001 percent of babies consistently sleep through the night at not quite three months old.

Too bad Jenelle broke the rule about bragging on your baby's sleep habits. You know what that means -- Kaiser is going to be up wailing tonight. Babies have a magical way of psyching parents out like that. They'll go three nights in a row, just enough time to let you relax and think the worst of the baby insomnia is over, then bam! Hello, 2 A.M. And 3 A.M. And 4 A.M. You get the picture.

But here's to hoping it's not a fluke, and Kai really has started a new routine of sleeping through the night. We're just not holding our breath is all.

Do you think Jenelle just jinxed herself tweeting about Kaiser's great sleep habits?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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