Trista Sutter Surprises Hubby Ryan With Best 40th Birthday Present Ever (PHOTO)

The Bachelorette's Trista Sutter LOVES her hubby Ryan -- whom, you may recall, she actually met and chose ON the show back in 2003. And she doesn't just adore him, she knows him really well -- which is the vital ingredient needed to select perfect birthday presents.

It seems like only yesterday these two were crazy kids who met and fell in love on TV. But Ryan recently celebrated his 40th birthday and the Colorado firefighter got the surprise of his life when Trista treated him to one heck of an amazing birthday gift.


You won't find Ryan driving around in a flashy car or sporting the latest tech gadget. Instead, Trista arranged an elaborate family and friends camping trip for her sporty husband at Twin Lakes, Colorado.

The 41-year-old mom says staying in a new Airstream RV with kids Maxwell, 7, and Blakesley, 5, was a "dream come true" for Ryan. And she took to Instagram to prove they had a blast:

Is it any wonder this couple is in incredible shape considering they're out there biking, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors?

Oh my goodness -- cuteness! And little Blakesley's boots are fantastic.

Trista also posted this delish-looking cake, along with the sweetest message in the world: "40 yrs ago today, the world welcomed the man who continues to show me the true meaning of love. On your 40th birthday, I wish for you the kind of love & friendship & support that you have so lovingly shown me & our 2 beautiful babies for your next 40 years & beyond!!! Ilu @ryansutter"

I loved this couple when they got together more than 10 years ago and I'm so happy for them that they've managed to create a successful union with two beautiful children.

What do you think of Trista's gift for Ryan? What are some other great 40th birthday presents?


Images via tristasutter/Instagram

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