Kailyn Lowry Disses Jo Rivera Where It Really Hurts

Jo RiveraZing! Kailyn Lowry and her ex Jo Rivera have definitely had their ups and downs when it comes to co-parenting their 4-year-old son Isaac, but for the most part, we thought they had it all figured out. But Kail's true feelings about her baby daddy's parenting skills may have slipped out in the form of a passive aggressive "compliment."

The Teen Mom 2 star had an emotional time on this week's episode, when she had to say goodbye to Isaac for a six-week stint with his dad. She was obviously worried about Jo's ability to care for Isaac consistently for that long, since he's used to having him for shorter periods of time.


The reality star recently did an interview with Lunchbox on The Bobby Bones Show, where she was asked if she believed Jo was a decent dad. 

"Yeah, to the best of his ability," she answered. "I'm the mom so I have different standards. I just feel like nothing compares to the job I do."

Whoa! To the best of his ability? She might as well just come out and say he's good at keeping Isaac alive, but beyond that you can't expect too much from the guy. You know, because he's incapable of normal human interaction. Because she doesn't like him. Because he's her ex.

It's always rough when parents split up -- parenting is hard enough when you actually like the person who contributed half your kid's DNA. So you have this person that broke your heart, that you'd like never to see again maybe, and you're not only stuck with them for life, but you have to hand over a piece of your heart to them every time you drop them off at your ex's.

But you have to trust that your kid's other parent is doing a good job ... even if it's to the best of his ability. Maybe you just shouldn't say it out loud.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry should've kept her opinion on Jo Rivera's parenting to herself?


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