'Bachelor' Chris Soules' Cast Member Names Have Been Leaked!

Chris Soules

Filming for the new season of The Bachelor is just days away, so it was only a matter of time before we learned the identities of the lucky ladies who will vie for Chris Soules' heart.

Although ABC hasn't officially revealed them yet, Reality Steve has leaked four Bachelor contestants' names and photos, and if these gals give any indication as to what we can expect this season, Chris is in for a real treat.

Oh, and did I mention he apparently must prefer blondes?


Yep. All of the ladies Reality Steve unveiled look so much alike, it's kind of eerie. They're all blond, gorgeous, and must not mind the idea of living on a farm in Iowa and being all domestic, if I had to hazard a guess.

Here's what we know about these lucky ladies so far.

1. Tandra Steiner, 30 -- Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and works as an Executive Assistant for Overstock.com. She's also a model and a "motorcycle enthusiast."

2. Whitney Bischoff, 29 -- Lives in Chicago but hails from Kentucky. She's a Registered Nurse at the Fertility Centers of Illinois.

3. Evie Steenhoek, 30 -- Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She's a manager at the Riverside Jet Center. Oh, and she's also a pin-up girl.

4. Michelle Bayne, 30 -- Lives in San Diego, and works as a marketing associate for Volcano Corporation. She also supposedly teaches XTend Barre classes on the side.

But aside from the blonde thing, do you notice something else all of these ladies have in common? Yep. They're older. (I didn't say old. I said older.)

Meaning they're not 21, so odds are good that they're truly looking for a man to settle down and start a family with versus date and "see where things go."

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Of course, I guess we can't jump to any conclusions until the entire cast is revealed, but it is quite interesting how similar these four women are, considering their identities were probably leaked randomly.

But if Chris really does have a definite type, it looks like he really can't go wrong on his search for love. If the other cast members are as beautiful and successful as these ladies, Chris might even find himself falling for more than one of them, which could prove to be a blessing and a curse for sure.

What kind of woman do you think Chris will wind up with?


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