Jessa Duggar May Have Just Dropped a Major Hint About Her Wedding (PHOTO)

jessa duggar

The November 1 wedding date of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald is fast-approaching, and they've only been engaged for a few months, so you know what that means: The couple is in hard-core preparation mode right now. It's doubtful that anyone was ever under the impression that Ben and Jessa were going to have a Real Housewives-esque wedding, but the adorable pair's nuptials (and party afterward) may be much more low-key and DIY than we thought. Whether she realized it or not, Jessa just dropped a major hint about her wedding with one, singular Instagram photo.


The bride-to-be posted a picture of herself outside of a Goodwill on Thursday, along with the caption, "Ahh, I love shoppin' at Goodwill!!!! We've got 5 big, super nice Goodwills within a 15 mile radius! #spoiled #BuyUsedSaveTheDifference."

Now, since it's unlikely that Jessa is doing random clothes and/or home shopping a month and a half away from her wedding, one could assume that some of the decorations, etc., will be compliments of Goodwill on the big day. Following in the footsteps of her mom, Michelle, who had one of the most low-key, laid-back weddings of all time (she wore her mother-in-law's wedding dress!), Jessa has already admitted to not wanting to spend too much money on her wedding, so she and Ben can splurge on their first vacation together. "I don't want to spend a whole bunch of money and buy a new set of decorations," Jessa told People after getting engaged. "We will save that money for the honeymoon." Good idea.

I'm curious to see what Jessa and Ben's wedding will wind up being like. Since the only hint she's dropped thus far is a Goodwill photo (which may not be much of a hint at all), I'm thinking lots of mason jars and vases. Hey, you can never go wrong with a mason jar.

What do you think Jessa and Ben's wedding will be like?


Images via Jessa Duggar/Instagram

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