Kailyn Lowry & Amber Portwood Reveal Surprising Truth About Their Salaries

Kailyn Lowry

Even though many of them appear to be struggling financially on TV, the stars of the Teen Mom series have to be making a decent amount of money for putting their lives out there for the world to see, right?

I mean, fame and recognition are kind of flattering and all, but considering how much these women expose about themselves, many people assume MTV is forking over a decent amount of cash.

Well, it looks as though we do have some new insight into how much the Teen Mom stars make. During a radio interview to promote their book tour, Kailyn Lowry and Amber Portwood dished on their salaries, and what they had to say is surprising at best.


Apparently there's a common assumption that the girls are required to put money aside into trust funds for their kids as opposed to pocketing it themselves and/or spending it.

But according to Amber and Kail, that simply isn't the case. Amber said, "I opened up a college Gerber Life Fund for Leah already. She's set for college right now. [MTV doesn't] necessarily do that for you, but you have that option."

Huh. Interesting.

And then Kail added that she has funds set aside for both of her children, and get this one -- their college tuition is already covered.

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Um, excuse me? The cost of sending kids to college keeps going up and up every year, and at this point, it winds up being in the tens of thousands range in most cases.

If Amber and Kail already have that much money set aside for education purposes, then it must mean they're earning a pretty hefty paycheck for each season, right?

Hmm. It almost makes you wonder if they simply appear to lead more humble lifestyles for the sake of the show but are actually quite secure financially.

Wait -- didn't Leah Calvert just buy a horse and a new house? Huh. Food for thought, people.

How much do you think the stars of the Teen Mom series make?


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