Michelle Money & Cody Sattler Have Exciting News to Celebrate!

Michelle Money & Cody Sattler

Watching them fall hopelessly in love on Bachelor in Paradise was such a pleasure, to the point where it's virtually impossible not to root for them to live happily ever after. And now that Cody Sattler is officially living in Utah, it sounds like he and Michelle Money are 100 percent sure that they're going to be together for the long haul.

Cody-Code made the trip out to Salt Lake City yesterday, and based on a tweet Michelle shared after his arrival, it sounds as though they might just be living under the same roof!


Hmm. I wonder if Cody simply spent the night at her place before he moves into his own pad? Or maybe there's really no point in him renting a place, given how serious they obviously are?

I highly doubt Michelle would allow him to be so closely involved in her daughter Brielle's life if she wasn't sure he's going to be in her life for a long time. It wouldn't exactly be shocking if she and Cody are already shacking up.

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And Michelle certainly isn't shy about how much she adores her man. Check out this update she shared on Facebook as he was making the big move, which shows exactly how over the moon she is about Cody.

@cody_sattler I'm counting down the hours!!! This man has sold everything and packed his bags to move to UT to be with me! I have never felt love like I feel from and FOR this incredible human! Can't wait to get our lives started with little Brie Brie (Cody's nick name for her! So cute!) I am like a little kid on Christmas Eve!!!!! Thank you for all the amazing love and support we have received! We truly can't tell you how much we appreciate it! I wish I had more time to reply to everyone and tell you THANK YOU!!! I'm the happiest I have ever been!!! Love you all so much!!!!

Aww! Don't you just love these two? I wanna go to their wedding so bad. (Shamelessly begging for an invite over here.)

On that note, now that Cody and Michelle are living in the same place, an engagement can't be too far off in the future, right? C'mon Cody-Code ... put a ring on it, already!

Are you excited for Cody and Michelle?


Image via michellemoney/Instagram

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