Jenelle Evans Makes Totally Humiliating Confession During Baby Kaiser's Birth

Jenelle Evans

Even though we knew we'd probably see a few excerpts from baby Kaiser's birth air on Teen Mom 2, we never dreamed we'd have the pleasure of seeing some of the more ... intimate moments of Jenelle Evans giving birth.

I mean, the cameras were right there in the delivery room, to the point where we even got to see her pushing, people!

(OMG. Can you even imagine being filmed during such a vulnerable moment?)


But even though she obviously knew the cameras were rolling, you gotta give Jenelle props for risking embarrassing herself on television by admitting she thought she was going to poop.

Yep. She flat-out told Nathan, "I just feel like I need to go to the bathroom. No, like I really feel like I have to poop."

OMG. I don't care who you are. If the thought of pooping during labor and delivery hasn't scared the hell out of you at least once during your pregnancy, you might not be human.

The mere idea of attempting to push out a baby and instead literally sh**ing on the table is beyond humiliating, or at least it is until you actually wind up in the delivery room. Once you get in there, all you care about is getting the baby out, and if something else happens to come along with it? Oh, who the hell cares?!? (Or at least that's my philosophy.)

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More power to Jenelle for putting her fears out there for the world to see, though I'm sure she's more than relieved that the poop thing didn't actually happen. (Whew.)

And hey, if nothing else, at least she'll have a moment captured on video that she can laugh at and reminisce over at a later date. Hey, even super embarrassing times are funny after the fact, right?

Do you worry about pooping on the table?


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