Marcus Grodd Caught Cheating on Lacy Faddoul? Say It Isn't So!

Marcus Grodd Lacy Faddoul

Uh-oh. It sounds like there might be a bit of trouble in paradise brewing for everyone's favorite Bachelor in Paradise couple. There are rumors going around saying Marcus Grodd cheated on Lacy Faddoul with another reality star ... after they got engaged in Mexico!

I know ... this is crazy, people!

According to In Touch, Lacy was in San Diego while Marcus was in Dallas during the period of time between Bachelor in Paradise filming ending and the finale actually airing. They couldn't be out "together" as a couple in public, you know, or the ending of the show would've been ruined.


Apparently the separation might have caused Marcus to stray, as a source claims he went out on a date with Sydney Rae James, the star of E!'s Eric & Jessie: Game On. (She also happens to be singer Jessie James Decker's little sister.)

The source says Marcus and Sydney kissed and adds, "Sydney thought his romance with Lacy was over. He was all over her."

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OMG. Seriously?!? This can't possibly be true, can it? I mean, out of all of the relationships to ever come out of the Bachelor franchise, Marcus seemed more head over heels in love with Lacy than any other dude, to the point where he appeared to be in some kind of trance around her.

He was so anxious and eager not only to fall in love, but to make Lacy his wife and spend every waking moment with her. Why in the heck would he throw all that away for the sake of making out with another chick?

My guess is that one of two things is going on here. Either this story is totally false, and the In Touch source has Marcus confused with some other guy, or things went south in a hurry as soon as Bachelor in Paradise was over, leading Marcus and Lacy to question their decision to get so serious so soon.

But then again, just yesterday, Lacy shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram with the caption, "My heart belongs to @marcus_grodd ...", so why in the heck would she put that out there if they aren't together anymore?

Hmm. Until there's some sort of announcement from one of them that the engagement is off, I'm just not ready to buy into this rumor. But then again, anything is possible when it comes to reality TV couples, so I guess we shouldn't be all that shocked if Marcus allegedly swaps spit with another gal at some point in the near future. (Stranger things have happened.)

Do you think Marcus really cheated on Lacy?


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