'Couples Therapy' Recap: Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell Have Competition for Most Dysfunctional Couple

On tonight's Couples Therapy, a new couple joins the house, and it's one that is pretty unusual in that almost everyone in the house has already seen the female part of the couple naked. That would be porn star Jenna Jameson and her boyfriend, mixed martial arts coach John Wood. Even Juan Pablo Galavis seems to have caught a Jenna film or two -- much to the dismay of Nikki Ferrell.


Jenna comes on like a train wreck -- aggressive, defensive, and if I were to take a wild guess, hopped up on something. Not surprising considering her line of work -- I have yet to see a serene and contented porn star.

If anything, Jenna clings desperately to her take-no-bullshit approach. After lighting into Dr. Jenn Berman for a faulty toilet, she spends the next several hours (or what seems like it) berating her boyfriend when he politely suggests she might have been just a tad condescending to the doctor.

"Condescending and bitchy is how I made $36 million and built an empire," she informs her henpecked boyfriend with the big pecs. Yep, no chance she's giving up that attitude anytime soon if that is what she believes. (Psst, Jenna, you made you fortune because of your vagina. Not your attitude. Just FYI, hun.)

The cast members tell Juan Pablo and Nikki that they are most under the microscope in the house. When someone asks why there is so much negativity directed toward them, Nikki snaps, "Because of HIM!" JP has to confess that he broke The Bachelor protocol by not only not proposing, but not even telling Nikki he loved her.

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"But my experience was great," JP grins.

"Oh, I bet," drawls Jenna. Yep, no pulling one over on Jenna. She understands guys like JP all too well.

"I think there's a lot more to the Juan and Nikki relationship than we know about," says Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese, unexpectedly the house frontrunner in common sense. "They don't really know each other that well yet."

JP has already said that he and Nikki wouldn't be together if it weren't for Couples Therapy -- which in some ways is kind of scary. This is a pair who did their discovery phase on a TV show. And now they're doing the bare bones raw "get to really know you" phase on a reality show. When do they get to know the REAL them?

Previews show that Juan Pablo actually sheds some tears at some point, so things are probably going to get much more real. At least, as real as you can get on reality TV.

As for Jenna, it remains to be seen if her ceramic-hard tatted shell will loosen up enough to let a human being poke through.


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