Chelsea Houska's Baby Daddy Adam Lind Back in Jail ... AGAIN!

Chelsea Houska

Get your fake surprise face ready, because this news will genuinely shock no one. Adam Lind, 25, is in jail again. These days it's probably more surprising to hear that the Teen Mom 2 star isn't in trouble with the law for some reason or another.

Anyway, Chelsea Houska's baby daddy to their 5-year-old daughter Aubree is currently serving three weeks at Minnehaha County Corrections Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He was released from his last stint behind bars less than a month ago, on August 20.


A jail spokesperson told, "He is doing time for driving with a revoked license" and that "his release date is October 5."

Well that should sure help Chels with her custody case, don'tcha think? She has been building her case that Adam is not fit to have unsupervised visitation with Aubree, as he reportedly won't follow the court-ordered rules. You know, like the ones that say he can't drive Aubree anywhere, because he has three DUIs, several revoked license charges, and is still facing other misdemeanor charges stemming from the fiery car crash he was involved with last February.

It's like he's digging himself deeper into the hole and he doesn't even care. Dumping him is probably one of the best things the stunning 23-year-old reality star ever did. 

Chelsea is doing better than ever with a fabulous job as an esthetician, a dreamy new boyfriend (well, not officially, but we do have his name and his picture), and she even bought her own little dream house. Not to mention she has one of the cutest little fashionistas around for a daughter.

Yup, Chels is doing just fine, and Adam getting himself jailed again is just one more reason for her to say good riddance.

Do you think Adam Lind will ever grow up?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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