'Below Deck' Recap: Ben Is Swearing at the Wrong Person

Ben Below Deck

This week's episode of Below Deck was certainly one jam-packed hour. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that it was one of the more action-packed sessions of sitting on my butt that I have yet to experience. There's a lot I could dish about in light of all of last night's events, but I want to focus on Ben's outrageous behavior. 

So, what exactly qualifies as 'outrageous' when it comes to discussing the over-hair-gelled British cook? Not his hookup with Kat (frankly, that was totally unsurprising as was the nasty pillow the next day), but the way he behaved with Kate, the chief stew, when his dinner service totally failed to impress the newest batch of charter guests. The whole mess was very clearly his fault. He needed to step up and take some responsibility instead of lashing out at Kate who is just trying to do a good job. 


It so totally wasn't Kate's fault that Ben decided to cook a five-course meal with no notice! He should have made sure that he had the staff he needed to run plates -- not yell at Kate for trying to follow ship protocol in spite of Ben's diva-type antics. If he was so panicked about getting food upstairs, he could have trotted his little legs above deck himself. I think he took his aggression out on Kate because he knew he could do it and get away with it with Kat.

That's just totally unfair. If Ben was so enraged that Kat was napping, he could have gone and fetched her himself. Or, you know, not bang her brains out the night before a charter is due to start, thus exhausting her and leaving her in dire need of a break. Ben is so up himself trying to make sure that he and Kat stay on the down-low, he'd rather get in a confrontation with Kate than with Kat, whom he'd obviously rather chew out. Uncool. 

Are you team Kate or team Ben?


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