The 1 Place 'RHONJ' Cameras Should Not Be Allowed (VIDEO)

OK, there's church and there's CHURCH. I found myself scratching my head while watching this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Now, I have no problem with filming weddings, christenings, maybe even funerals -- although RHONY Sonja Morgan's doggie funeral didn't involve high mass. But Ash Wednesday? Even this heathen wondered about that. But there's much, much more to discuss about season 6, episode 9 in today's exclusive video below.


Besides the question of whether she will pass her five-year cancer remission tests, what other storyline does Amber Marchese have? She's isolated from the group, she's not going to Florida. So ... of course, she's an easy mark to be encouraged to bring up Teresa Giudice's legal drama yet again. In today's video I examine Amber's alternatives, what was likely going on behind the scenes, and why she made the choice she did.

There were LOTS of reality television techniques that were easy to see this week -- I go through them point by point in today's episode from Amber and Teresa to Rino Aprea, Melissa and Joe Gorga, and more. We had some compare and contrast, beating of (somewhat) dead horses, some pretty impressive camera crew access, and a gift from God. No, it didn't happen during Mass. Are you ready for this? Watch NOW!!

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Do you think Amber will get asked back for another season?


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