Sarah Herron & Robert Graham Dated After 'Bachelor in Paradise' Breakup

Sarah Herron Robert Graham

While the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise ended with Michelle Money & Cody Sattler and Marcus Grodd & Lacy Faddoul leaving Mexico happy and in love, and as an engaged couple, respectively, Sarah Herron's breakup with Robert Graham was especially painful to watch.

I mean, getting dumped is one thing, but dumping a dude because he refused to go past first base with you while spending the night in a luxurious hotel suite is a whole different ball game.

OMG. Who else wanted to reach through the TV and hug Sarah while punching Robert at the same time? (Seriously!)


And then after the show was over, she seemed to express some regret about kicking him to the curb without giving him one more chance to prove he had real feelings for her.

Well? Apparently she's not the type of gal to live her life with any sort of "what if" in the back of her mind. Sarah and Robert dated after Bachelor in Paradise to see where things would go.

I know. I'm just as flabbergasted by this realization as you are.

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Get this one -- in her new blog for Parade, Sarah admits that she tried to win Robert back before they even departed Mexico. She said:

I even attempted to see him in our hotel rooms after we left. I apologized profusely and pleaded for Robert to understand that I got carried away. I confessed that I had put too much pressure on the development of our relationship and inappropriately compared it to Cody and Michelle's and Marcus and Lacy's. He calmed me and said we’d figure it out back in L.A.

And apparently Robert is a man of his word, because he and Sarah did go out on a date after they returned ... though it didn't quite go as planned. Sarah adds:

At first, it felt like home -- it was comforting to see him, but within a few minutes I could tell it was ruined. We weren't 'Sarah and Robert'.

Ugh. Of course they weren't. I mean, you can't expect to expose a dude as a total prude on national television and have him come crawling back to you. Don't get me wrong, I'm team Sarah all the way on this one, but Rob had to have been pretty humiliated after being called out for misleading her.

Still, it's kind of a bummer that they weren't able to move past what happened and patch things up. They really did make a pretty cute couple, though somehow I'm guessing Sarah found the closure she needed so she can move on with a guy who won't be the least bit hesitant to (ahem) satisfy her every need.

Are you sad that things didn't work out with Sarah and Robert?


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