Catelynn Lowell Drops Big Hint About Her Baby Girl's Name

Catelynn Lowell

Ever since we found out that Catelynn Lowell is pregnant, we've been so excited and over the moon for her, we can hardly stand it. She and Tyler Baltierra are going to be such unbelievable parents, and it's clear that the decision to start their own family is something they thought very long and hard about.

It's been so much fun to follow Catelynn's pregnancy thus far, especially considering how open she's been about sharing details with us about her baby girl!

We already heard her heartbeat and saw the sonogram photo. Now Catelynn has given us a major hint about what she and Tyler will name their little angel!


Catelynn shared this photo on Instagram with the caption, "Just painting baby girl's name for her wall."

Ahhhhhh!! Way to be a big tease, Catelynn! (Gah.)

Soooooo, does this mean her baby's name will start with the letter "V," or is it simply one of the letters in the middle of her name?

Hmm. Let's take a guess as to what it might be based on "V" names for baby girls that Catelynn might go for.

Maybe she will opt for a more old school moniker like Victoria? Or Vivienne? Or possibly Violet or Vanessa? Or perhaps she'll go for something more unique, like Veda or Vienna?

As for names with a "V" in them somewhere, maybe Catelynn and Tyler will go for either Eva or Ava, given how popular that name is these days. Or it could be Avery or Everly or Olivia? (Ooo! Olivia is my fave.)

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It's really anyone's guess at this point, and something tells me Catelynn probably won't give us any more hints going forward. Unless a good friend can manage to snap a picture of the finished nursery and share it with the world, we're just going to have to wait for Cate to spill the beans, which may not happen until her daughter arrives.

Ugh. The suspense is going to drive us crazy until then!

What do you think Catelynn and Tyler's baby girl will be called?


Image via catelynnmtv/Instagram

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