Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray's TV Wedding Might Already Be Called Off

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

D'oh! Ever since they got engaged, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's wedding plans have been pretty clear. The two of them fully intend on letting ABC foot the bill for the whole deal in exchange for ratings getting married on TV like other Bachelor/Bachelorette couples have done in the past.

Despite rumors insisting the two of them are on the outs, Andi and Josh really do appear to be stronger than ever. Many of us have finally accepted that they're a real couple and aren't simply staying together for the sake of fame.

But even though they seem very much in love, it looks as though there's a decent chance their TV wedding dreams are about to be crushed.


Supposedly Bachelor in Paradise stars Michelle Money and Cody Sattler's wedding is ABC's first choice to air. Andi and Josh might get the boot if Team Codelle does indeed wind up engaged in the near future.

OMG. I hate to admit it, but I'd definitely rather watch Michelle and Cody get hitched on TV than Andi and Josh. They're so much more down-to-earth, genuine, and just plain adorable; plus, it's about damn time that we finally saw Michelle get the happy ending she so deserves.

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Fans totally fell in love with Michelle and Cody over the course of Bachelor in Paradise while Andi and Josh had their fair share of haters. It's easy to see why ABC is making an assumption about whose wedding would bring in more viewers.

But if Michelle and Cody's general likeability isn't enough of a blow to Andi and Josh's respective egos, then hearing that ABC doesn't exactly have much faith in them as a couple should really leave them down in the dumps. Supposedly they don't think Andi and Josh will last for the long haul, which is why they'll likely opt to put all of their eggs in Michelle and Cody's basket instead. (Sorry, Clare Crawley. I couldn't resist.)

And while their decision will no doubt come as a huge bummer to Andi and Josh, if they truly are together because they can't live without each other, then when and how they get married shouldn't matter at all. I mean, yeah, it would be nice for someone other than them to pick up the tab and throw them the most luxurious party ever, but I'm sure getting hitched in Atlanta would be just as special.

But just to save themselves any unnecessary grief, they might want to make sure to leave the TV off when Michelle and Cody-Code say their vows. Nothing quite ruins a perfectly good evening like seeing another couple ride off into the sunset at what was supposed to be YOUR wedding.

Who would you rather watch get married, Andi and Josh or Michelle and Cody?


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