Jenelle Evans' Dangerous Habit Has Us Seriously Worried About Baby Kaiser

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Ever since she gave birth to baby Kaiser, Jenelle Evans has surprised us all by declaring proudly and openly that she's breastfeeding. She's shared her thoughts, pictures, and even colorful commentary about her nursing journey. But her latest confession has us all a little worried because Jenelle is smoking again.

Last week, she shared a seemingly innocent picture of Nathan Griffith sleeping. It looked like just another sweet pic of her baby daddy napping on the sofa. That is, until fans took a much closer look at the snapshot:


See it?

Take a look at the bottom of the chair. Her Twitter followers didn't miss a beat and quickly pointed out that there was a pack of cigarettes on the floor. Uh oh.

But when she took to Twitter to defend herself and her man, it just got a whole lot worse:

Excuse me? Hold up. "We" as in you and someone else?!

Yes. Because later, she confirmed the worst:

Don't quite know who's laughing out loud at that one, but people definitely didn't hold back when responding to Jenelle. 

Last we heard, she was still breastfeeding her baby son. And newsflash for you: when a nursing mom smokes, baby smokes too. There's no other way around it.

Not only is smoking bad for you (I don't really need to go into details there, do I?), but when you're doing it while breastfeeding and sleeping with your child, the secondhand smoke affects the little ones. Smoking instantly decreases your milk supply, making breastfeeding more difficult, and being around the fumes can cause children to develop asthma.

If you needed another reason to kick the habit, this one should do it.

What do you think of Jenelle's latest confession?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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