Details on Chelsea Houska's New Boyfriend Finally Revealed!

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer

Remember right around her birthday, when Chelsea Houska shared pics of a hot new man, who totally looked like boyfriend material? You know, the guy she's kissing on the cheek in this photo?

Well, she may not be the type of gal who openly dishes about her love life, but now it looks like a few details about this mystery dude have come out. It sounds like he's making Chel smile quite a bit these days.

Oh, and did I mention we even know his name?!?


Yep. According to RadarOnline, Chelsea is dating traffic control specialist Cole DeBoer, and while they are "not official," they're officially "hanging out." (Whatever that means.)

And just wait until you hear how they met. If this doesn't sound like fate, I don't know what does.

You guys? Supposedly they initially met at the gas station. Then they ran into each other a couple days after that, and Cole asked for Chel's digits. (Aww!)

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Oh, and those birthday photos? Yeah, apparently Cole showed up and surprised her at her party. Don't ya love it?

I know they aren't exactly serious yet, but based on another photo Chel shared on Instagram last week, it sounds like things are definitely moving in the right direction for her and Cole.

OMG. Nothing quite says "serendipity" like finding love when all you intended to do was fill your car with gas, right?

Are you excited for Chelsea?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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