Chris Soules Headed to Unexpected Location for 'Bachelor' 2015

Chris Soules

Huh. Well this is sort of ... odd. While we won't know exactly where it's taking place until filming gets started (and Reality Steve fills us in ...), supposedly one of the locations of Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor has been revealed. It's a bit of a shift from the glitz and glamour we're used to.

Of course, there's still a chance that Chris could take some of his 25 hopeful ladies on whirlwind dates around the world, but it sure sounds like ABC wants to start things off on a more simple note.


Get this one -- apparently the show is headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico, of all places, in October, all because the state reportedly gave ABC a tax break for filming there.

(It's always about the money, people.)

While it's not known how much of Chris' journey for love will be featured in New Mexico, we can't help but wonder whether the show is going in a totally different direction from what we've seen in past seasons.

Usually they start off at The Bachelor mansion, but then after a few weeks, the remaining hopefuls have the pleasure of traveling the world with their leading man or lady, so at least they wind up getting a stamp or two in their passports before being dumped.

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But maybe this is an indication that things will be a bit more traditional for farmer Chris? You know, like maybe the dates won't have quite as much fantasy involved and will more closely resemble real life scenarios, in places that are a bit closer to home. Instead of helicopter rides over glaciers and gondola rides in Venice, perhaps they'll do things like head to the airport to watch planes take off or cruise down the lazy river at a water park.

Wait. If that's truly the case, then what the heck is the incentive of tuning in each week? All I'm saying is that if he winds up taking these chicks to dinner and a movie and/or goes grocery shopping, it's going to be a serious buzz kill.

(For them and for us.)

Do you think filming in less exotic locations is a good move?


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