'Orange Is the New Black' Writer Realizes She's a Lesbian, Divorces Husband

Orange Is the New Black is known for both its phenomenal cast and groundbreaking, totally entertaining, and wildly funny writing. But the Netflix hit is also a controversial one because of all of its hot, and sometimes not-so-hot but honest, lesbian sex scenes.

It's not all that surprising to find out that Lauren Morelli, who is a writer on the show, found the material to be so raw and real that it forced her to confront issues about her own sexuality. And, while she was working on the show, she also just so happened to fall head over heels for actress Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey. The only problem was that Morelli was married -- an issue she has since put to rest by divorcing her husband of two years so she could pursue her romance with Wiley.


Fans of the show might notice a striking resemblance between Morelli's real-life drama and the one that unfolded between lead character Piper's lesbian relationship with hot stuff Alex, despite her engagement to Jason Biggs' character. (Although, seriously, what gay or straight woman wouldn't choose Laura Prepon? No offense, Biggs, you're super-cute, too.)

The major difference here -- other than the fact that Morelli and Wiley aren't wearing prison jumpsuits -- is that the writer says she didn't realize she was gay until 2012, when she began writing for the show. She came out in May and, we're glad to hear, her divorce from husband Steve Basilone is an amicable one. They're even reportedly splitting their assets without fighting -- she'll get their apartment, Lexus, AND can keep the sapphire engagement ring. Pretty generous, wouldn't you say?

Before we start pointing fingers at Wiley, we have no proof that the new couple got together before she came clean to her husband. What happened between them happens sometimes. We grow and evolve and get to know ourselves the more we live. It isn't beyond the realm of possibility that Morelli hadn't allowed herself to be honest about her sexual orientation until she was fortunate enough to find herself in the constant company of a group of women who were comfortable with their sexuality.

What do you think about this news? Is it possible to "discover" you are a lesbian later on in life?


Image via lomorelli/Instagram

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