Kailyn Lowry Openly Slams Jo Rivera's Girlfriend Vee Torres

Kailyn Lowry Vee Torres

Ugh. The last time we checked, Kailyn Lowry and Vee Torres were getting along famously, to the point where Kail even posted this photo of them together with little heart icons.

But it looks like the new besties may have hit a bit of a bump in the road, considering Kail slammed Vee on Twitter after watching this week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

Here's how it all went down. It turns out that Kailyn's family vacation plans just so happened to fall on Father's Day, and Jo Rivera was not happy about being away from Isaac on such an important day of the year.


Jo complained to Vee about the fact that he thought he should spend Father's Day with his son, and her response was, "It's Father's Day. You would feel weird, like, on the day of Father's Day, we're celebrating Father's Day and you don't have your son. That's weird. She would feel the same way if it was Mother's Day."

And apparently Kail was none too pleased upon hearing what Vee had to say, which is why she fired back with this little gem on Twitter:

And then she added:

D'oh! She definitely sounds more than mildly annoyed that Vee insinuated that she wouldn't have been fair to Jo if the tables were turned, so it will be interesting to see whether or not their relationship starts to crumble in the coming months. (Wouldn't you be a little pissed if you were Kail?)

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Even though they've put aside their differences for Isaac's sake, it sounds like there is still some tension between Vee and Kail, which is totally understandable. I mean, you can't expect things to go smoothly all the time when you're dealing with your child's stepparent or stepparent figure. Vee and Kailyn were bound to encounter a rough patch at some point.

But let's hope their little tiff doesn't escalate any further. It would be so hard for Isaac to go from seeing everyone get along to witnessing constant arguing once again.

Do you think Kail has a right to be mad at Vee?


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