Is 'Z Nation' Our New 'Walking Dead'? (No, But OMG Watch the Trailer) (VIDEO)

Z Nation

Feeling like October 12 is too long of a wait for the chilling moans of the undead to emanate from your television screen? Perhaps Z Nation can temporarily fill the Walking-Dead-shaped hole in your heart. If the simple fact that it's about zombies isn't enough to send you lunging for your DVR remote, let me go ahead and seal the deal: it's produced for the SyFy Channel by the Asylum, the studio behind Sharknado.

Yes indeed, Z Nation promises to be a drama series of the very highest quality. I'm not entirely sure how they got Lost's Harold Perrineau on board (*rubs index finger against thumb while rolling eyes*), but based on the trailer, this just might be worth watching when it premieres tonight ... assuming you're the sort of person who can't resist when someone says, "Ew, smell this!"


Which is to say, you know it's going to be bad. It's just a question of HOW bad, and whether experiencing the badness firsthand will actually be kind of entertaining in an "Oh my god that smells awful" kind of way.

Here's the trailer for the show, which premieres Friday on SyFy at 10 p.m.:

Well! That was ... astoundingly shiteous. But then again, I gleefully watched Sharknado so I'm hardly the Dowager Countess over here.

Between the low budget effects and the terrible acting, I wasn't sure if there was room for a hackneyed premise, but hey, good news: in Z Nation it's been three years since a zombie virus devastated the United States, and a group must transport the only known survivor from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. His antibodies are the world's last best hope for a vaccine. However, he harbors a dark secret that threatens them all.

SyFy's original films have of course been deliberately terrible, so I'm guessing Z Nation is their attempt to make ridiculous garbage that goes viral for cheesiness rather than merit into a weekly event. It's either that, or they really tried to make a zombie show and this is what they came up with. I'm choosing to believe the former is true, because the alternative is scarier than actual zombies.

Will you give Z Nation a try?

Image via SyFy

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