Andi Dorfman's Resemblance to Josh Murray's Sister Is Beyond Creepy (PHOTO)

Andi Dorfman

Despite the odds stacked against them, Bachelorette couple Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray really do appear to be very much in love and also somewhat normal. (Which is weird.)

They actually seem to have a lot in common, you know, since they both live in Atlanta and are active and in shape and all that jazz. And right from the get-go, the physical attraction between them was beyond obvious, though a recent photo Josh shared makes us question whether he was drawn to Andi for a particularly creepy reason.


Um, that chick in between Andi and Josh? Yeah. That's his sister. Isn't it just a little bit weird how much she looks exactly like Andi?!?

They could totally pass for twins or, at the very least, siblings, don't you think?

Maybe Josh is simply a dude who prefers brunettes ... but you have to admit the resemblance between Andi and his sis is pretty darn eerie.

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It's kind of along the same lines as guys who wind up with girls who look like their mothers, you know, because of the whole Oedipus complex thing.

Hmm. Maybe Andi should take it as a good sign that Josh is attracted to gals who remind him of his family? Maybe it shows just how strong of a bond he has with them, which is a good indicator of how committed he'll be as a husband? (There's always a silver lining, people.)

Do you think Andi looks like Josh's sister?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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