Nathan Griffith Puts Baby Kaiser in a Compromising Position (PHOTO)

Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans could not have picked a more different dude to father her second child than she did her first. Jace's dad Andrew Lewis has never been involved in his life, and while the Teen Mom 2 star has had a shady past, at least she grew up and started acting like a mother.

Enter baby daddy number two, Nathan Griffith. This MMA stud is way more than just a sperm donor -- he's a doting boyfriend, devoted father-figure to Jace, and adoring father to his 2-month-old son Kaiser. He even does the baby-wearing thing, which a lot of guys consider too "girly" to do.


Check out this adorable snap Jenelle posted to Instagram.

Agghhh!! I can't even handle the cuteness. It's totally obvious (I thought) that Nate is seriously in love with his kid, but because they're reality stars, the haters gotta hate hate hate.

Some of the comments are sweet, but a lot of them are hypercritical and some are just downright mean. There are a few concerned ones about how he's wearing Kai -- like him not being high enough, or his legs being positioned wrong. It's hard to tell from the picture. Kai looks snug in there, and he gets to feel his daddy's heartbeat, so those are definite bonuses. However, there are baby wearing tips to follow to ensure an infant is safe, so it's always best to double check that everything is secure before venturing out of the house. Hopefully Nathan will get the message, because we'd love to see much more of this from him!

But in addition to the criticism over whether or not Kai is safe, there are also people wondering when Nathan and Jenelle will lose custody of him because they both have a biological child they don't have custody of. Geez. They have a past, mmkay? They're getting it together and, from the looks of it, doing a dang good job of it.

(Some folks just can't win.)

Do you think Nathan deserves to be criticized for this picture?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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