'Gilmore Girls' Is Coming Back: 15 Scenes We Can't Wait to See (PHOTOS)

gilmore girls lorelai and rory

If you lead, I will follow. Any die-hard fan knows those beautiful six words, and it seems like the television gods-that-be have finally decided to embrace our ideas because Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix.

Yes, yes, take a moment to compose yourself because starting October 1, we'll be able to watch all the Rory/Dean, Rory/Jess, and Lorelai/Luke will-they-won't-they drama unfold right on our computer screens. It's the best news we've heard all week. If you thought you were a binge watcher now, get yourself ready for all seven seasons of the beloved WB show. The fast-talking mother/daughter duo are officially back. And to celebrate their return to our screens, we're reminiscing on the 15 best moments from the show that we can't wait to watch over, and over, and over, again.

  1. Rory and Dean's first kiss, season 1, episode 7: "Kiss and Tell"
    It was also Rory's first kiss ever and it deserved some fanfare: "I got kissed ... and I shoplifted." Just another day in Stars Hollow.
  2. Rory and Dean's breakup, season 1, episode 17: "The Breakup, Part 2"
    Thanks to a perfect guest starring role by Chad Michael Murray, the episode shows us Rory's first heartbreak. And like the best parent that she is, Lorelai handles it perfectly: "Pizza, with everything."
  3. The pond scene, season 2, episode 5: "Nick and Nora, Sid and Nancy"
    Jess is seemingly impossible to parent and Luke can't deal with a teenager. Solution? Water.
  4. The car crash, season 2, episode 19: "Teach Me Tonight"
    The great romance that was Rory and Jess was just a tad bit halted when Luke's nephew crashed the car and Rory broke her arm.
  5. The dance marathon, season 3, episode 7: "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?"
    Gotta love Stars Hollow, the town that comes together to dance overnight. There's some more Dean/Jess drama, some mother-daughter dancing, but there's also Kurt. Who deserves to be recognized for his flawless moves.
  6. Jess vs. Dean, season 3, episode 19: "Keg! Max!"
    Yes, it must be so hard to have to men boys fight over you, but at least Jess and Dean made it worth watching.
  7. Rory's graduation speech, season 3, episode 22: "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio"
    There's a reason why season 3 is the best. And Rory's heartfelt speech to her mom was easily one of the top moments of the show.
  8. Rory's off to school, season 4, episode 2: "The Lorelais' First Day at Yale”
    The duo has officially been separated when Rory goes off to college. But not before Luke, the gentleman that he is, helps to move her in.
  9. That kiss, season 4, episode 22: "Raincoats and Recipes"
    You know which one I'm talking about. There's no use explaining, just take a look:
  10. The first date, season 5, episode 3: "Written in the Stars"
    It's been a long time coming, but Luke and Lorelai's very first date should just be watched on loop. Swoon, who's still thinking of that wallet memento?
  11. The jump, season 5, episode 7: "You Jump, I Jump, Jack"
    The "Life and Death Brigade" was hysterical, but Rory and Logan's jump was a solidly terrifying moment in their relationship
  12. The ice rink, season 5, episode 11: "Women of Questionable Morals"
    When Lorelai falls out of love with winter, Luke can't stand it. So he builds her an ice rink. Naturally.

  13. Jesse's last scene, season 6, episode 18: "The Real Paul Anka"
    We'll never really forgive Milo Ventimiglia for leaving the show, but it doesn't take away from the last moment Rory and Jess shared.
  14. Christopher's chance, season 7, episode 8: "Introducing Lorelai Planetarium"
    Love him or hate him, Christopher proposing and marrying Lorelai changed the game right there. For better or for worse.
  15. The finale, season 7, episode 22: "Bon Voyage"
    Sure, it was maybe the worst season finale ever, but the last scene gave us hope that Luke and Lorelai might find their way to each other again. At least that's what we've continued to imagine.

What's your favorite Gilmore Girls moment?


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