Marcus Grodd & Lacy Faddoul Reveal Surprising Wedding Plans


Marcus Grodd Lacy Faddoul

Out of all of the crazy things that happened on Bachelor in Paradise, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul's engagement definitely came on a whim, you know, being that they'd only known each other for like five seconds before he got down on one knee.

Even though the news that he proposed in Mexico leaked long before the finale aired, it was still kind of surprising to see him pop the question right there on the beach.


And now that the show is over, Marcus and Lacy have revealed their wedding plans, which are honestly kind of shocking as far as the pace of their relationship is concerned.

Get this one: Marcus told People, "We definitely want to wait a year to get married at least. We want to do it right. We get one shot at this."

Lacy added, "We are actually going to enjoy our engagement. We’ve talked about it and I’ve been on Pinterest a lot."

Huh? Excuse me? They're waiting at least a year, and in the meantime, Lacy is keeping herself occupied with Pinterest?!?

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I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused here. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they've found love and all, but aren't they kind of doing this whole thing backward?

I mean, if they were so quick to get engaged, you'd think they'd be heading off to the chapel in a matter of weeks, not waiting an entire year. It almost sounds like they aren't 100 percent sure that they are going to last or something.

Why wouldn't Marcus have held off for a while on proposing so they could have more time to figure things out in the real world?

Oh whatever. I guess it is pretty romantic that they felt strongly enough about each other to rush into the whole fiance thing. Maybe holding off on getting hitched isn't a sign of trouble in their relationship at all.

(Hey, the dude has already seen her puke, so they're over that hurdle.)

Maybe they simply want to enjoy a long engagement since they already took the fun out of the anticipation of dating someone and wondering if they're "the one."

For whatever reason, I really do think Marcus and Lacy are meant for each other, so let's hope they do stay together and that this wedding actually happens. Ooo! I have an idea! Maybe they can have a joint ceremony with Michelle Money and Cody Sattler ... on TV. Wouldn't that be a kicker?

Do you think Marcus and Lacy will actually get married?


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