Mackenzie Douthit's Rock Hard Abs Reach a New Level of Unbelievable (PHOTO)

Mackenzie DouthitMackenzie Douthit has always been able to turn us eight shades of green with envy when it comes to her super toned bod. This Teen Mom 3 star is a competitive cheerleader, which means lots and lots of gymnastics that strengthen her core and make for some seriously lean muscles.

Even though she's had two kids already, she slimmed back down both times in the blink of an iPhone flash for an Instagram selfie. We admit it -- we're jealous. The reality star posted a new pic of her rock-hard stomach on social media on Thursday, and our jaws basically hit the ground.


Mackenzie posted the pic along with the slightly braggy (but we don't blame her) caption, "When someone tells me I cant, I simply smile and prove them wrong. BAM two kids later. #ontheroadtobeingafitnessmodel #watchmen #stillworktodo"

Mack has always been a super clean eater, thanks to an almost lifelong battle with Type 1 diabetes, but it's only through sweat (and tears, if you're me) that you get a six-pack like that.

Did you catch her latest career ambition in there too? It seems as though Mackenzie wants to be a fitness model! You know ... this girl might actually be able to do it. Given her MTV reality fame, her gorgeous face, and her unbelievably fit and toned bod -- there's a good chance her dream could come true.

Do you think Mackenzie Douthit is a good inspiration for fitness?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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