Jenelle Evans' Son Jace Reveals Unsettling Truth About Nathan Griffith (VIDEO)

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Ever since she learned she was pregnant with baby Kaiser, Jenelle Evans has really done a total 180 as far as straightening out her life goes. She's in a happy, committed relationship with Nathan Griffith. She's going to school. And she's totally clean and finally leading a healthy lifestyle, so it's kind of hard not to be pretty proud of her.

That being said, she still does have her fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to whether or not she will ever regain custody of her son, Jace.

He's clearly content living with her mom, Barbara, who doesn't exactly have the highest opinion of Nathan. It might be pretty tough for her to get used to the idea of Jace living with Jenelle full-time, especially given a comment he made about Nathan's true colors.


Check out this bonus clip from Teen Mom 2 to hear exactly how Jace really feels about Nathan. The truth may shock you.


OMG. I about fell over when Babs asked him if he liked Nathan and he said, "No. He's mean."

Sure, there was a little sense of relief when he admitted that Nathan isn't mean to him, but then we can probably assume Jace is insinuating that he's unkind to Jenelle.

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Ugh. I guess it's really no big secret that Nathan has a mean side to him, considering the heated fights he's had with both Jenelle and her mom.

But apparently those arguments have affected Jace more than Nathan and Jenelle probably realize, which doesn't bode well for how things will go if and when Jace does move in with them. I mean, the last thing any mom wants to hear is that her child views her significant other as "mean," so Jenelle really needs to take a long, hard look at this relationship before making things permanent with Nathan.

And as far as Nathan is concerned, Jace's comment should serve as a wake-up call that he needs to get his temper under control. He has another baby who will no doubt grow up to be just as impressionable as Jace.

Do you think Nathan is truly "mean"?


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